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Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services in Maidenhead

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Apex Cleaning Services Maidenhead

Whatever you want to be cleaned, we’ll tackle it. Our company, Apex cleaning services, provide full and comprehensive cleaning in and around Maidenhead. We offer competitive prices on home, office and commercial cleaning, and take full pride in all of our services. Whether you want to eliminate cobwebs in your shed, deep clean your oven and fridge in the kithcen, scrub away limescale in the bathroom, deep clean the floors at the office or even clean a restaurant or pub that you own, we can do it.

Our team are highly trained and skilled, and we use the newest cleaning technology and products to create the best possible service. We hire our team for their cleaning proficiency, their attitude, their reliability and their trustworthiness. So you know that anyone who you permit into your home, office or business to clean will be reliable and honest.

We are a small local business, so we take pride in cleaning Maidenhead effectively. We’re passionate about this town and want to see its businesses and people thrive – so we’re proud of the part that we can play.

House Cleaning Services in Maidenhead

Is your house looking a little rough around the edges? Maybe you find it tough to stay on top of household chores as well as work or looking after the kids? Or, do you just hate cleaning and never find the time to get the house looking as you want it?

Get it squeaky clean again with the help of our wonderful Maidenhead cleaners. We offer full-house cleaning, tackling everything from the hoovering in the kid’s bedroom to the most stubborn grime in the kitchen. If you’d just like part of your house cleaning – for example, if you don’t want anyone in the bedrooms but you’d love some help with the bathroom – we can do that too. We offer a friendly, professional service, and you can trust us in your home. We’re confident that we provide the best house cleaners in Maidenhead, so you can relax and know that your home is in the hands of trained professionals.

Regular domestic cleaning service in Maidenhead

Do you want to have a cleaner in once a week, fortnight or perhaps once a month? We are available for regular domestic cleaning. Our friendly cleaning team can travel to your house and clean it thoroughly, focusing on the whole house or just a particular area. Plus, you can set up a direct debit to make payments easier.

One-off domestic cleaning service Maidenhead

We understand if you only want one-off domestic cleaning. Perhaps you’re moving out of a rented property and would like to deep clean the entire area, or maybe you’ve just had a party and need some help cleaning up. We’re fully flexible, providing you with the amount of cleaning that you need. If you’d like, you can just order one-off domestic cleaning initially and change to a regular package after you’ve seen what we can do.

Whatever you want, we are fully flexible and can answer your needs. Just get in contact with us and tell us what kind of cleaning package you’d like.

Office Cleaning Services in Maidenhead

Do you own an office in Maidenhead? We know that it’s easy for offices to get a bit messy and dirty by the end of the day. With lots of people in an office, using the kitchen facilities and sitting at desks, it’s no surprise that offices need a lot of TLC once all the staff members go home.

Our office cleaning Maidenhead businesses rely on is a regular service that can provide you with an unobtrusive clean at the end or beginning of the day. Our friendly and professional cleaners work around you, ensuring that they operate at a time when none (or very few) staff members are in the building. This ensures that their work is not interrupted. You’ll simply go home at the end of the day and come back into the office to a shiny, perfectly clean office – almost like someone’s waved a magic wand and created a brand new, perfectly clean workplace.

Commercial Cleaning Services in Maidenhead and Surrounding Areas

Do you run a business? Whether you’re a landlord of a pub, owner of a restaurant or manager of an office, we can provide you with commercial cleaning all over Maidenhead and any surrounding areas.

Whatever you’ve got to clean, we’ll tackle it – whether it be a dancefloor after a Friday night party or an office before the Monday morning rush. We have cleaners with experience in all different types of settings, and everyone who works with us has a can-do attitude and is always keen to deal with cleaning new settings, whatever they may be. Whatever you may need cleaning, you’re in very safe hands with us.

Why choose our Cleaning Service in Maidenhead?

Our Maidenhead cleaners are among the best in the region. But why choose us over other companies? Well, we’re a local company, so when you select us, you’re working with a small business. All of our cleaners are local, so there won’t be any problems with commuting. We vet all of our cleaners thoroughly, not only ensuring that they can clean to a fantastic standard, but also ensuring that they are reliable, trustworthy and honest. We monitor all of our staff members, providing extra training if they ever need it.

We might be a bit biased, but we honestly think that our cleaning staff are the best in the business. They go through a comprehensive vetting process to work with us, so we feel like we can say that! With our cleaners, no stone is left unturned and no corner left unscrubbed – we have tonnes of satisfied customers who use our services again and again.

So, if you want a local service which uses tried and trusted cleaners, look no further than our Maidenhead cleaning company. Get started by getting in touch with one of our friendly cleaners today.


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