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Health And Safety

Here at Apex Cleaning Services Group, we work hard to provide top-rated cleaning services for our customers’ homes and businesses. As part of our service, we keep health and safety in mind at all times and we do everything within our power to keep our customers and our staff safe from any harm. We work with chemicals and of course, we mop floors and it’s important that these do not create hazards.

Accordingly, we have created a health and safety policy, which is set out below.

Our Policy

We will do everything we can to prevent anyone (including staff, customers and the general public who may have dealings with us or our products) from suffering personal injury, or from incurring damage to their property as a foreseeable result of our work.

We will:

  • Carry out health and safety risk assessments regularly;
  • Take action to minimize risks to health and safety and to deal effectively with any risks identified through our assessments;
  • Reduce the risk of work-related illness or injury by providing safe working environments as far as is within our power to do so;
  • Ensure that staff understand their tasks and that they are capable of carrying out those tasks;
  • Provide our staff with all the necessary safety equipment to enable them to safely carry out their work;
  • Provide our staff with necessary training to enable them to use substances and chemicals safely and to work at height if necessary;
  • Listen to our staff about any health and safety issue they notice or consider to be an issue;
  • Adequately supervise our staff.

Our staff will:

  • Work safely and carefully to avoid injury of (or illness in) themselves or others;
  • Attend all training that is offered to them and be diligent in using the information from that training to carry out safe work procedures;
  • Let us know if any equipment needs to be repaired or replaced so that we can do so without delay;
  • Communicate with us about any accidents that occur or that could have occurred so that we can take steps to ensure that such accidents are not repeated;
  • Be aware of and follow our safe working procedures and policies.

Staff who do not follow these requirements may face disciplinary procedures.

We will regularly review this policy and update it as and when necessary as part of our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. If you have any queries about this or any of our policies, please feel free to get in touch today.