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End of Tenancy Cleaning Slough

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Slough

When you’re leaving a rented home, you need to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned if you want to get your deposit back. But nobody enjoys cleaning! Besides, you’ve got enough on your plate organising the move. So make it easy on yourself by taking advantage of an end of tenancy cleaning Slough service. We at Apex Cleaners are ready and waiting to help anyone in the Slough, Reading, Maidenhead and Berkshire areas.

Chances are that at the end of a tenancy cleaning in Slough, your house or flat could benefit from a through clean. And we know that you’re busy dealing with other aspects of the move. So call us and let us take over. We promise to deliver you a sparkling clean home. We’ll even deal with the cleaning tasks that everybody hates the most, like oven cleaning! Apex Cleaners will take care of every aspect of end of tenancy cleaning Slough, including the walls, floors and kitchen surfaces. Nothing will be missed out! Your landlord will be delighted with just how clean the home is.


As well as the most hated job – oven cleaning – we’ll tackle everything the kitchen needs to leave it spotless. Kitchens accumulate a lot of grease and food debris, so we’ll work hard to clean all the appliances and surfaces sparkling clean.


With the damp environment of a bathroom, bacteria and mould can easily build up. We’ll do everything necessary to leave your bathroom clean and germ-free. It will look so good, you’ll wish you weren’t moving!


However often you clean the bedrooms, dust quickly accumulates – and that’s bad news for anyone who suffers from allergies. Don’t worry! We’ll take care of the dust under the beds and clean every surface thoroughly.

Living Areas

The family spends a lot of time in the living areas; you’ll eat, play and watch TV there. Do the carpets need cleaning? No worries, we’ll deal with it. Curtains are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning, but not by us! Whatever needs doing, just ask, and we’ll take care of everything.


The hall is probably the most overlooked area when it comes to cleaning, yet just because you’re only passing through doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dirty. So trust us to give your hall the treatment it needs to leave it every bit as clean as the rest of the house.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

    • £129 – one bedroom flat
    • £154 – two bedrooms flat
    • £179 – three bedrooms flat
    • £173 – two bedrooms house
    • £229 – three bedrooms house
    • £259 – four bedrooms house
    • £279 – five bedrooms house

If you are searching for a company which provides end of tenancy cleaning Slough has a few options to choose from. However, our experienced cleaning team is the only dedicated provider of end of tenancy cleaning services in Slough and Berkshire.

We have built an excellent reputation in Slough and the surrounding area for providing affordable, efficient and reliable services to landlords, letting agents, management companies and tenants.

At the end of a tenancy, it is important to ensure the property is returned to a pristine condition, ready for the next tenant. Our team will be able to provide a quote based on the property size and condition, which can include services such as oven cleaning and professional carpet cleaning. There are no additional charges and we are available seven days a week.

Professional end of tenancy cleaners in Slough, Berkshire

Our experienced cleaning team are thoroughly trained and vetted, to provide you with complete peace of mind. Over the years we have built a comprehensive cleaning checklist, which the cleaners work through to guarantee the property is cleaned to the high standards expected by our commercial and domestic clients.

The kitchen is often the most demanding place for our cleaners during the end of tenancy project. We take time to ensure every unit and appliance is cleaned and polished, including the fridge, freezer, oven and extractor fan. We also spend time on the surfaces in the room to remove limescale, dust, and dirt in the hardest to reach places.

The bathroom is another area which we pay particular attention to. We will clean, disinfect and polish the whole bathroom suite to guarantee a fresh and hygienic finish. Moving into the other rooms in the house, we always clean the difficult surfaces such as door frames, skirting boards, radiators, lamp shades, windows frames and light switches. You can be sure that once our team has finished cleaning the property, it will be returned to showroom condition.

Get in touch

We pride ourselves on achieving complete customer satisfaction, so will always rectify any areas which you are not happy with. At the end of the cleaning project our cleaners will walk you through an inventory of the property and if there are any areas which are not up to the high standards we aim to provide, we will conduct a re-clean.

We know how busy it can be for our clients during the moving period, so our team will take care of everything. There is no need for you to be at the property; simply provide us with access, running water and electricity. We will keep in regular contact with you throughout the project and provide you with plenty of notice of when to return.

If you would like a quote for the end of tenancy cleaning in Slough, please contact our team.

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